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Parent-school Collaboration
The communication channels between the two parties

Cooperation between parents and teachers are essential to children’s growth. The school encourages communication between parents and the school through the following methods.  Parents are encouraged to squeeze time for sharing and discussing the needs of their children in regard to their learning and growth.

  • Parents can look up the assignments in the “Student Handbook” daily and contact the school through the “Parents Notices”.
  • Parents should read the circulars distributed carefully. Most require parents to sign the reply slips, and handle the matters duly.
  • Parents should make regular contacts with the class teachers.
  • The school will hold Parents’ Day by the end of the first semester.

The Parent-Teacher Association

“PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School Parent-Teacher Association” was founded in 1998 with the purposes of enhancing communication and improving friendship between teachers and parents as well as improving students’ academic performances and conducts.
The association organizes various activities every year such as parent talks, parent workshops, filial activities, gatherings and so on. Through the activities, the parents can gain progress with their children at the same time. On the other hand, the activities facilitate the communications and mutual understandings between parents and children. Moreover, by befriending with other parents and knowing more about the school and the teachers, cooperation between the two parties will be enhanced. The active participation of the parents will undoubtedly consolidate their family relations and creating a colorful life for their children.

A. Naming
It is named “PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School Parent -Teacher Association”.

B. Structure
The highest authority of PTA is the General Meeting. During the adjournment of the Meeting, the Standing Committee will be the executive organization.

C. Members
1. The following members are
  • Parent members: the parents of all the students in the school (on a family basis).
  • Teacher members: all current teachers
2. Sponsoring members
  • The parents of the old students of the school (annual application to the Standing Committee is needed).
3. Consultants
  • The current principal and the former chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association are the official advisors. The school supervisors, directors, celebrities and expertise may be invited to serve as advisors if necessary.
4. Rights
  • Each member and consultant is entitled to select the board members and has the right of vote in the meetings. All parent members are entitled to the right of being elected.
5. Obligations
  • All parent members are obliged to obey the regulations, follow the decisions of meetings and pay membership fees. Advisors and teacher members do not need to pay membership fees.
6. The structure of the Standing Committee
  • The Standing Committee consists of 7-13 committee members and 2 advisors. The committee is formed by 4-9 parents elected in the General Meeting, 3-4 teachers nominated by the school, plus the chairperson and the former chairperson (advisor), plus unlimited number of substitute parent committee members.
  • All positions are elected mutually by all committee members and all functions on a voluntary basis.

Parent Volunteers

The Parent-Teacher Association has been well developing due to the dedicated support and involvement of parents, especially with regard to the assistance on human resources. The school would like to express her greatest gratitude to all helpful parents. We need more parent volunteers to help out in tea sessions, venue arrangements, guest reception and to be on duty at the Parents Resources Center. We firmly believe that every parent has a high expectation of the school. We look forward to your active engagements for the well-beings of your children.

The duties of parent volunteers are as follows:
  • Assist Form 1 parents and students in acquainting with the school.
  • Staple teaching materials and school documents.
  • Decorate boards
  • Arrange books
  • Treat guests and visitors
  • Arrange venues and snacks
  • Be volunteer tutors

In order to encourage and thank all the dedicated and supportive parents, the Committee has established many Volunteer Parents Awards and will present them during the annual Parent Teacher Association General Meeting.

The Parents Resources Center

The Parents’ Resource Centre was established in 2004. In 2016, the walls in the room were taken down. The room was renovated and renamed as KC Parents Homeland, and is now an open-kitchen with enlarged space for holding diverse activities that cater different needs of our parents. Moreover, KC Parents Homeland also provides a place with a sense of belonging for our parents. It is a place where they can hold regular gatherings, meetings, sharing sessions and exchange together.

Social worker services

Miss Chik Yin Yi and Mr Lo Hui Kwong are the school social workers assigned by the Scout Association of Hong Kong -- The Friends of Scouting School and Social services. And her working hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m on Friday. The main service targets will be students and parents. The main purposes are to assist students in developing their potentials, gaining adequate and suitable school education, creating harmonious family and interpersonal relationships, encouraging students to be concerned about the world, and finally, reaching the target of healthy development. The social worker also facilitates the contacts among students, parents, the school and the community. At the same time, the social worker helps solve personal, familial, interpersonal and learning problems.

The services include case counseling, group activities, consultation services and intermediary services, to coordinate and introduce external resources. The following is a brief introduction:

A. Case counseling: assists students in overcoming and solving difficulties and problems in emotions, social interactions, behaviors, families and learning aspects through face to face interviews.

B. Group activities: assists students in self-understanding, exploring potentials and developing right core values through different types of activities and groups such as volunteer groups, leadership skill trainings and interpersonal groups.

C. Consultation services: provides information and opinions for students, teachers and parents. And social worker will be involved in school meetings to provide professional advice.

D. Intermediary services: provides intermediary services for follow up actions for students or parents in needs. Coordination and introduction of external resources: introduces various community resources to provide students with suitable services and to facilitate students’ growths.

E. Application: for students in needs, parents and teachers can contact directly with the school social workers during office hours.

F. Withdrawal: service users can make direct requests if they want to terminate services.

G. Contact methods
School number: 2441 3818
Fax number: 2404 8394
Organization number: 2443 3640
Fax number: 2443 2522

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