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Principal is my Classmate

      On 12 May, 2011, I became a Ka Chi student and spent one day in the classroom. Some may think this idea to be creative and special. For me the incentive is simple. Young people retorts at me, “You are not me. You don’t understand what I want and need.” As a leader in school, I have to understand the situtation of my students. So I waited for this day with anticipation…putting on the school uniform, playing with them, lining up with them, studying with them, having lunch with them, chatting with them, having after-school retention with them, and experiencing what my students face every school day from 8 to 6.

What motivates me? At home, as a father of two, I hope to see my children coming home from school happily after a good day of learning. At Ka Chi, as an educator, I often ask myself how I can bring my students up healthily and happily and meet the expectations of their parents.

Parents want to give the best and the most appropriate to the next generation, as the Proverbs says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Ka Chi is the place where our students would spend the most of their time after their home. I hope the School can be their second sweet home, where they can receive the best education. Every life is precious, so teachers should care for the students as their parents do and look after their academic as well as physical and spiritual development. Every student is unique, so teachers should love them as their parents do and walk with them and witness their growth. These are the aspirations of all teachers in Ka Chi.

How can we achieve what we aspire? Many times students may not agree with adults on what is good for them. And very often teachers may not understand the difficulties of students in acquiring the seemingly straight forward but threatening knowledge. Having taught at Ka Chi for more than two decades, I am still learning how to understand the younger generation. That is why I put myself in their shoes and became a student. I want to understand their happiness and sorrow. And I believe only with such an understanding can we devise school policies and curriculum that are suitable for them.

We aspire to build Ka Chi as the second home for our students, through

Professional knowledge of educators,
Parental love,
Perspective of students, and
Power of Christ.

The most important moment has come. After experiencing a student’s daily life and understanding how they think, it is time to reflect carefully on our system and curriculum, and design a new plan that is most suitable for them. It is our wish to give the best to our students.


Principal Wai Keung

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