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The Second English Morning Assembly

What immediately flashes across your mind at the mention of the term “Energizer”? A commercial slogan? Batteries? On the 12th October 2011 English Morning Assembly, our group of Ka Chi English Ambassadors revived the meaning of this motto---- “Be an energizers to others”. In merely 10 minutes, they provided all the energy and comfort we needed for the whole month.

 Behind the scene, Energizers always need to be prepared. As early as two weeks before the actual meeting, our team of ambassadors had already been busying rehearsing for the assembly, wishing to deliver the most energetic messages to their audience. It seemed as though their hard work even touched the heart of nature. The day before the assembly was blessed with a shower of rain --- a sign of tearful joy from the heaven.

 Notwithstanding the weather, the group chose to stay positive and promptly moved to the Ka Chi studio to videotape the whole assembly. Thanks to professional support from the media team, two Masters of Ceremony started off the assembly so naturally as if it were in front of the audience, not a TV camera. It was a warm greeting, so proud and confident, followed by the vivid portrayal of energizers through two mini-dramas.

 Angela, as one of non-Chinese students in our school, was invited to act out the first episode where she found herself frustrated with the Chinese homework. There was then a touching moment when Asma, a friend of Angela, represented her whole class to cheer her with an “energy apple”. This might not be a great offering but it reflected the heart of an energizer who always prioritizes others’ need. Indeed, the generous giving of Asma was a sign of her care and support not just by words but also actions. With the belief that “actions speaks louder than words”, our English ambassadors wanted to demonstrate how enlightening a selfless act can be to others.

 With the eagerness to see the second drama, the Masters of Ceremony could not wait to introduce the second saga of our energizers in school. The scenario was played out where two ambassadors - Zulahker and Komal came across their classmate Arifa who had spent the whole day starving. Without hesitation, the two students immediately comforted her by sharing what food they had. Again, their heart of generosity and selflessness proved their noble character as energizers --- devoting priceless and invaluable effort to others without asking anything in return.

 At this point, the entire cast lined up as a team to thank the teachers for all their genuine support. It was indeed the teachers who firstly energized the students so that they could take up the roles. The K.C Channel studio was once again filled with the spirit of joy and encouragement. As Ms. Florence Chan and Ms. Christine Choi closed the assembly with a prayer, the message of this assembly was deeply engraved in everybody’s heart …………….

God is the true energizer who gives us strength!


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