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Educational Blueprint

A Beautiful Vision

To nurture Ka Chi students to become a Jesus-following, God-loving, and sincerely loving new generation.

Our Mission

Based on biblical truth, we build up Ka Chi to be a family of authenticity and love.

We are dedicated to cultivating a biblical-based, authentic, and loving place of growth for Ka Chi students - a campus where students can develop their potential and character; a home where they learn to love and be loved. We are committed to providing our best quality spiritual, intellectual, social and physical education.

Our school aims to actualize our beautiful vision and mission through the following four core attributes:

Knowledge of a professional educator

  • Enhancing teachers’ professional skills and attitudes through communal lesson preparations, peer lesson observations, open classes, etc.
  • Developing the leadership of middle management through bottom-up decision making.
  • Encouraging teachers’ creativity through appreciation of their initiative and innovation.
  • 學校追求不斷發展老師的專業技能和態度,以共同備課、同儕觀課、公開課等方法,不斷提昇教學水平。
  • 學校的決策由下而上,發揮科組主管的專業領導能力。
  • 鼓勵老師們百花齊放,欣賞老師們的主導性和創意。

Caring-heart of a parent

  • Caring for students’ development through the vertical dimension of Student Union and Houses as well the horizontal dimension of Form Associations.
  • Keeping in contact with parents for the betterment of school policies.
  • Inviting external bodies and visitors to monitor our quality of education.
  • 設立縱向的學生會和社,又有橫向的級會制度,縱橫交錯關顧學生成長的需要。
  • 經常與家長溝通,以改善校政。
  • 開放校園,邀請外界人士訪校以監察學校的質素。

Student-oriented perspective

  • Treasuring students’ opinions, allowing them to be involved in setting school policies.
  • Treasuring students’ feelings, delivering value education in modes suitable to them.
  • Treasuring students’ experiences, designing lessons and teaching materials in accordance with their abilities and needs.
  • Treasuring students’ multiple intelligences, allowing them to choose from subjects and activities according to their abilities and interests.
  • 學校重視學生的意見,讓學生參與釐訂校政。
  • 學校重視學生的感受,從學生的角度去灌輸價值觀。
  • 學校重視學生的經歷,從學生的能力和需要設計教材和教學法。
  • 學校重視學生的多元智能,讓學生按自己的能力和興趣選修不同的科目和興趣班。

Spirit-led strength from Christ

  • Attaching importance to worship, praise, thanksgiving and prayer.
  • Collaborating with churches so that each student is being taken care of by a local church.
  • 學校著重敬拜、讚美、感恩和禱告。
  • 學校與教會聯繫,讓每位學生都有一間教會培育和跟進。


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