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Administration and Panel Heads


Administrative Committee

Mr. Wong Wai Keung
Mr. Lee Tak Wai / Mr. Leung Wai Hong
Mr. Lam Sui On, Mr. Lo Chi Kin, Mr. Wong Chi Yan

Academic Committee

Mr. Lee Tak Wai

Student Affairs Committee

Mr. Leung Wai Hong

Academic Affairs Committee

Mr. Wong Ka Ho

Information Technology Committee

Mr. Lui Man Tik

Discipline Committee

Mr. Lo Chi Kin

Guidance Committee

Ms. Lam Fung King

Careers Guidance Committee

Ms. So Ka Po

Co-curricular Activities Committee

Ms. Lai Chi Kei

Audio - Visual Services Committee

Ms. Pi Yee Ling Elaine

National & Civic Education Committee

Ms. Pi Yee Ling Elaine

Health Education Committee

Ms. Wong Yin Yi

Religious Activities Committee

Ms. Chan Mei Hung

Ceremonies Organizing Committee

Ms. Hui Mei Sze

General Affairs Committee

Ms. So Ka Po

Compilation and Translation Committee

Ms. Tung Lok Yan Christina

Parents Teachers Association Committee

Ms. Wong Tat Keung

SEN Coordination Committee Ms. Yau Chung Man

Non-Chinese Affairs Committee

Ms. Ali Nargis

Panel heads / Teachers-in-charge

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