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Morning Assemblies

Mr. K.C. Eng

Did you ever think beginning a school year with such a star-filled morning assembly? If so, you surely were not disappointed by our cast in the Ka Chi English morning assembly. Highlighting our theme “Positive, is the way to live”, our two honorable hosts --- Miss Karen Eng and Mr. Calvin Eng began the assembly by showcasing their most renowned posture ---arm folding. With elegant high heeled shoes for Karen, and a manly black suit and green tie for Calvin, their professional outlook immediately gave rise to speculation over their real identity.

Following the speculation was a humorous opening by the two hosts. “No, no, no! I’m afraid you’ve made a mistake. We are not Richard Eng or AmandaTan; we are Karen Eng and Calvin Eng, abbreviated K.C. Engs.”

These two hosts are actually Form Six Ka Chi students who were selected as the English ambassadors this year. With the aim of promoting a healthy, positive and energetic English learning environment in Ka Chi, these talented students were committed to plan and perform a mini-play named “KC Engs” in every morning assembly.

In the play, not only did the student ambassadors correct several common English errors made by “Chinglish” actors, students offstage were also invited to participate in the performance. They were asked to translate colloquial Chinglish phrases back to Chinese, such as “Let your horse come over” and “Homework do die me”. These funny English blunders successfully triggered the interest and responses from Ka Chi students.  With the introduction of the English Award Scheme, some students could not even wait to fill out the worksheet in the hope of redeeming as many rewards as possible. The whole morning assembly was brought to the brink of excitement.

Finally, the crowd united in a joint recitation of The Lord’s Prayer. Hundreds of students and teachers read the piece together with hearts filled with meditation and respect. This created a harmonious atmosphere, connecting every student and teacher together as > like a family. The closing announcement, made by the Form Six ambassadors, seemed to pass the flame of leadership onto the next generation, recruiting more and more junior students to join the family.  All in all, we are all helping each other to …………….

“Be healthy, be positive and be an energizer to others”!

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Ka Chi 5 minutes’ News


With the aim to expose our students to the latest current issues, Ka Chi 5 minutes’ News have been developed to broadcast key news items covering the areas of health, education, sports and so on. On every Monday’s morning, students take turns to perform as news reporters, introducing different vocabulary to their peers. Theme-based worksheets are designed for students to consolidate what they have learnt.

Materials include:


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