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Multiple Intelligence


【A Small Step. A Big Difference!】

We sincerely believe each of our students has his/her unique potential.  If we can offer them diversified learning opportunities, they will be able to discover their own potentials and develop their own dreams, and making their lives into extraordinary legends.

That is the belief behind our establishment of the Multi-intelligences program.  Through their own choice among the various elective courses, students may nurture an active learning attitude and build up their self-confidence as well as a habit of self-learning.  Also, the courses allow students to develop their unique potentials in the domains of moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual educations, and cultivate various generic skills, so as to lay a foundation for holistic development.

There are five Elective Series in our multiple-intelligences program, with around 30 different elective courses.  These five elective series include: (1) Professional Development, (2) Physical Development, (3) Uniform Group & Services, (4) Chinese Culture, (5) Talent Development.  We hope our students can truly find their own dreams through these courses.

Course Details:

Targets    : Form 1 to Form 6 students

Time : 2:20 pm – 3:30 pm

Fees : free
(Except some courses which require costume fees, material fees or transportation fees. For more details please referd to the Course List.)

Selection : students can select 8 courses according to self-interests and arrange them in descending order on the basis of personal preferences.

Reminder to S.1 parents and students:
S.1 students can only choose to attend Scouts Skill class or The Boys’ Brigade, Hong Kong, pilot course in this semester.

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