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School Circulars
2021-01-22 (Friday)    31【Change the time of ZOOM Lessons for F.1-F.3 Physical and Aesthetic Courses】更改 F.1 -F.3體藝課程 體藝課程 網上 實時教學 時間事宜
2021-01-11 (Monday)    30【2020-2021 Arrangements for F.3 to F.6 Examination】中三至中六考試安排
2021-01-11 (Monday)    29【Learning Without Borders Reward Scheme】學習無疆界獎勵計劃
2021-01-08 (Friday)    28【School Arrangements before Lunar New Year Holiday (11/1-5/2)】農曆新年假期前 (11/1-5/2) 學校安排
2020-12-23 (Wednesday)    27【Arrangements of Further Suspension of Face-to-Face Classes for All Schools】全港學校延長暫停面授課堂安排
2020-11-30 (Monday)    24【Arrangements for Face-to-Face Class Suspension】停止面授課安排
2020-11-19 (Thursday)    22【Order Winter School Uniform】訂製冬季校服
2020-11-13 (Friday)    20【The First Examination】第一次考試
2020-11-13 (Friday)    19 【Winter School Uniform Notice】校服換季通知
2020-11-02 (Monday)    【Results of Parent Manager Election】家長校董選舉結果
2020-10-23 (Friday)    17 Ordering of “HKDSE 2020 Subject Examination Report and Question Papers with Marking Schemes”學生訂購「2020 年香港中學文憑考試考試報告及試題專輯」
2020-10-23 (Friday)    16【ZOOM Lessons and Online Learning Arrangements for Physical and Aesthetic Courses】體藝課程網上實時教學及網上學習安排
2020-10-23 (Friday)    15【Purchasing Mobile Computer Devices】購買流動電腦裝置
2020-10-09 (Friday)    14【Student Grant (2020/21 School Year)】學生津貼(2020/21 學年
2020-10-10 (Saturday)    13【Newspaper Subscription】學生訂閱報章
2020-10-10 (Saturday)    10【Student Mental Health Support Scheme】醫教社同心協作計劃
2020-09-15 (Tuesday)    07【Arrangements for Resumption of Face-to-Face Classes in Phases】分階段恢復面授課堂安排
2020-09-07 (Monday)    05【Multiple Intelligences Elective Courses Selections】多元智能自選課程選科
2020-09-07 (Monday)    04【Distribution of Ordered School Uniforms】校服供應商到校派發校服
2020-08-27 (Thursday)    03【Online Real-Time Teaching and Online Learning Arrangements】網上實時教學及網上學習安排
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