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2017-18 企業與理財教育教師獎 - 梁嘉麗老師
Wednesday, 09 May 2018 06:53

企業與理財教育教師獎由香港教育城和香港商業教育學會合辦,並得到教育局和投資者教育中心全力支持,此教師獎旨在與香港中學攜手促進企業與理財的知識、技能、態度、興趣和行為, 並表彰學界卓越實踐經驗及教師在企業與理財教育上努力和貢獻。

The Teacher Award for Business and Financial Education is jointly organized by Hong Kong Education City and Hong Kong Association for Business Education (HKABE), and supported by Education Bureau (EDB) and the Investor Education Centre (IEC). The award aims at promoting knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivations and behaviors in business and financial education among secondary schools in Hong Kong and acknowledging good practices and recognizing the efforts and contributions of teachers in business and financial education.
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