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“Barnabas” Project on inclusive education
a. Rafting program for students with physical impairment
We have a plan of rafting program for students with physical or other learning impairment. Besides enhancing their physical fitness, they can build up self-confidence by joining competitions held by different organizations.

b. Guidance program for SEN students
In our plan we form support group activities, leadership training programs and career training workshops for the SEN students. For the career development, we provide them with courses such as techniques in interview, pre-employment training, and career talks. This is intended to let those students to lead meaningful lives after graduation.

c. “Harmonious campus” inclusion program

We plan to organize a school cricket team for the South Asian students, in addition to the career development and after-school support specific for them. With ample resources available, we employ specialists to translate all teaching materials into English, set up some curricula for them, and recruit South Asian social worker to provide counselling services.
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