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“Hezekiah” Project on school infrastructure
a. Establishment of several digital classrooms
Traditional ‘chalk and talk’ alone cannot meet the needs of students of this age. How can we lead the students to break out the old framework of learning? Now we plan to create more and more digital classrooms, where the Wi-Fi of high speed and performance is built in. Students can use iPad to search information as teachers can also use the learning platform to teach and communicate with the students. This interactive teaching and learning can arouse students to have more interests in learning.

b. Renovation of the Needlework Room
We are committed to provide to our students the diversified all-round education, so technology and living is one of the curricula on which we stress. The needlework room was once designed as computer room. As it has been resumed to its original use for several years, some equipment is still in need. That may be a hindrance for effective learning. After innovation, we look forward to presenting a room completely suited our student needs. We also wish this room as volunteer services centre which will be open to all teaching colleagues and students.

c. Establishment of a physical fitness room
Nowadays the teenagers spend their most time in browsing the network. Not only do they keep in touch with cell phones, but they also stay before the laptop at home all the time. Their health is greatly impaired because of lacking physical exercise. To encourage students to take part in physical activities we plan to build up a physical fitness room, in which we provide various fitness equipment, such as indoor rowing machine, running machine, and indoor bikes, etc. To facilitate the training we also invite supervisors to give advice to our students.

d. Construction of a podium leisure garden

Our school accommodation is small, while the space is much in need that our students have little choice to find a place to take a rest. The podium on the first floor is still not fully developed. We have an intention that this place will be a platform for life education. It is a leisure square where students can take a rest and perform variety show. This leisure garden will be a place of nicety and comfort, in addition to its educational aims.

e. Restructuring of the canteen into a self-studying centre
As there is few of self-study centre in this district, we really hope to provide a place for our students and alumni to use it as a self-study centre after school or during holidays. Though the space is limited and the large area in shortage, we would like to have the canteen refurbished, setting up movable doors and installing air conditioners, to make up a self-study centre which may accommodate around fifty persons.
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